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About the project

Rombird is a communication platform not only for specialists in ornithology but also for those who are simply interested in birds. It is an independent, non-commercial publication, dedicated exclusively for birdwatchers and for those who are involved in environmental protection through the knowledge of birds.

Members using the Rombird webpage acknowledge and undertake to abide by the following rules.

- Some data and information on this page are accessible only by registered users and the administrators. These data are confidential; administrators are not allowed to make them available to third parties.

- The webpage may be used only by persons who are registered with real first and last name. Those with false identity or nick name will be removed from the page.

- Uploaded observations are owned by observers. However, Rombird is a publication, such as data published can be used only by quotation of source and for non-commercial purposes. Rombird reserves the right to make them available to third parties strictly for scientific use and/or public interest (bird and nature conservation purposes, preparing breeding atlas with distribution map of nesting birds, scientific publications, etc.) only after prior information of the data owner and the reference source mentioned. The retrieving of any data from this webpage without the consent of the author's is strictly prohibited. However, data cannot be retrieved and used to obtain a financial gain (ex. for impact studies).

- You can upload on this website personal observations, data from the literature as journals or books (in this cases please mention the source of the information). As well you can introduce data which were published ore posted on various forums, blogs, websites, cases when the exact indication of the source of the information is obligatory!

- The administrators (beside the data administration) reserve the following right: the people who do not follow and respect the page rules will receive a verbal reprimand sanctions. If he will commit a second offense, abuse or insult their registration will be deleted without re-registration possibility. Also, those who will post on forum misleading information, deliberately false material not consistent with the purpose of the page or having indecent language will also be removed.

- Photos are fully owned by the authors. Copying, downloading, printing or using for publications or webpages without the author's consent is strictly prohibited.

- Rombird will always follow the posted data to be as complete and informative as possible. However in most cases we cannot assume the responsibility for assuring that the posted comments are genuine, authentic or correct. Meanwhile Rombird although will give his best he can, cannot always guarantee uninterrupted or error-free operation of the page and cannot immediately stop a possible virus infection.

- Moderators assume no responsibility for the correctness of different point of views and opinions expressed by users. Rombird is also not responsible for the immediate removal of the unwanted links posted by users.

 Suggestions and recommendations for uploading observations

Any observation regarding bird species in Romania can be uploaded on Rombird.

To upload new observations you will access the button "Add new observation". After this please select the species whose data you want to upload.

In case of current observations (until 1990) choose the date you have seen the bird and for the historical data (before 1990) please choose the "Archive" button. If the data regarding the month and day is not exactly known, please choose "0".

Filling the number of birds observed is required and obligatory. You can only select a number and not a range. If the size of a group/flock has not been determined accurately, you can estimate (ex. 200) or switch the minimum (ex. 20) and you will mention in the comments the interval 20-30.

The gender and age of the bird often can provide very useful information, so please do not miss to fill this box! If the bird's gender is not known, please select "Unknown" rather than to leaving the box empty. Please proceed in the same way in case of age-related information too. In case you observed a pair, please select "Pair" and if case of flock with both sexes select "Male and female".

When you completed the form, please tick the boxes which information should be public.

Name the person who found, observed and photographed the bird. The names will be written correctly with diacritics. Names written in the same way will greatly ease any future search. If there are more observers, the names will be separated by  comma followed by space. If there are over 5 observers, are indicated to be used the name’s initials (ex. Michael C., Dima M., etc.).

The registered users name will automatically appear under each heading. Where about the observed birds with image, please uploade the picture and fill the box with your name.

The box "Comment" is dedicated for any useful information about the observation. You may give the bird's exact age (ex. 3rd calendar year); numerical distribution of genders in the flock; if age and sex is different among the pair in case of large birds; the source of the information in case when is not own observation (ex. citation of the article, blog) or any information that you consider could be useful. In case of rare birds please be as descriptive as possible. Here can be also mentioned URL links for webpage, etc.

Regarding the place of the observation you can select first the county and after the location where the bird was seen. The location can be a village, municipality, town or city.

After the village, in brackets you can write any geographical name or local place names.

If the bird was observed between two localities, you can mention the closest village or both places with space and hyphen between them (ex Vâlcele - Feleacu).

To mark the location of the observation, please click on the map and put the red mark exactly on the place you seen the bird.

If you would like to upload photo, please browse and choose your required picture. For a single observation you can upload multiple pictures one after the other, but our recommendation is that their numbers exceed 3 only in duly substantiated cases (new species for the Romanian avifauna, rare species, documentary images from different angles, birds wit aberrant plumage, etc.).

When you have finished entering all data, please click on the "Add observation" and right after the observation will be available in the database.


Note: The moderators will reserve the right to supplement and/or amend the incomplete observations and the right to remove those data from unchecked source as well as the false or not copyrighted data.

For safety reasons (uploading the exact location of the nest of strictly protected species or which can be interest for illegal trade, such as Eagle Owl, Saker, Peregrine Falcon, Golden Eagle, etc.) some observations may be suspended indefinite period. These data will be not deleted from the database but will be invisible and without possibility to access for certain period of time after uploading. Even information regarding these species can be uploaded on site, but in these cases please do not put the red marking on the exact location but 5-10 km farther and please mention "inexact location". However, as an other option, we can recommend that these data should not be added to this site. 


Admins:  Szabó József, Daróczi J. SzilárdSimó ImreCiprian FântânăSebastian Bugariu

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